Well, you probably already know it if you're reading this.

It's compatible with the HTC-Vive. Proper Oculus Rift compatibility coming later.

There are a few outstanding bugs I know about (and probably many I don't), but it's in a 'good enough to see what it's all about' state.

From here, I'll be fixing up outstanding issues that public feedback provides me, and looking to make it Rift compatible.

This is just a tech demo at this point. I've been getting plenty of requests to make it available as a plugin and all that. And I've come around to thinking it's a good idea.

But to make it game ready - for other developers to put into their own games and systems and have them ship it - there'll be a lot more work that needs to be done, on refactoring the code, making it performant, ensuring that it's well documented, and all that good and necessary stuff needed to get it out more broadly into the end user's hands.

In the mean time, I can still be contacted and will be happy to assist other developers with more hands on implementation of the ideas and systems found within the Freedom Locomotion System.