The first dev blog. It's been a fun ride getting here. This started after I took a break from writing a book about 'The Future of Virtual Reality'. A lot of the ideas I was putting in there has been folded into the work I've done in Freedom Locomotion VR. Similarly, I have a lot more ideas of how to proceed from here... but until recently, those ideas were fairly worthless.

Not because they weren't good ideas - they were great ideas, as I well knew. Just that ideas don't do much without the sweat equity to turn them into reality.

As a one man band, I'll be plodding away continue to iterate, refine and polish the Freedom Locomotion System, while expanding its functionality more broadly into general interaction. As an ideas guy, I've generally got way more ideas than I have time or talent to execute upon. But at the same time, with a design background, I can put attention to detail to make sure things are just right when executing the idea.

If you're interested in what I'm doing, and you're interested in VR, or working in VR development, get in contact. We might be able to work together and create something amazing together!